The Design Folios by Haleh Zahedi,

I have been artistically and creatively talented since I was a young child. Since then, I have created a lot of different kinds of designs and art. I earned Bachelor of Graphic Design from Al-Zahra University, Tehran, Iran.

After graduation, I worked freelance in graphic design and as an illustrator. It was an exciting time for me. Nasim Publication Company contracted me to illustrate 20 Children’s story books. They were all published within a two year period. Most of my illustrations were done by hand with a blending of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Throughout my life I have enjoyed painting, drawing and illustrating using a variety of mediums, such as pen and ink, gouache and acrylic, water colour and oil paints. My art has been in three juried art public exhibitions. This exposure brought public attention to the variety of my artistic abilities, bringing in orders for numerous artworks, such as book covers, monthly magazines and paintings.

My husband and I moved to Winnipeg, Canada during a very cold February 2000. Settling into this cold remote climate was difficult for us, but within a year our son was born and after another two years we decided to travel internationally. During the next several years I worked on short term assignments as an illustrator and a Graphic Designer. When we returned home to Canada, the amazing effects of multi-media and digital design captured my attention so I earned a Digital Media Arts Diploma from Seneca College in Toronto, Ontario.

The Digital Media Arts program has enhanced and added greater skills to my artistic and creative skills, especially in creating Web Sites, Digital Photography, Video Editing and Animation. My strong sense of creativity and listening to my clients allows me to continually grow, be innovative and highly skilled.

In addition to loving my career, I enjoy reading, bike riding, playing the piano, watching movies and of course being with my family and friends.

Please let me know if I may be of assistance to you in any of your designs and or marketing products.